1. I want the family to know I support Mackenzie. I sent her a typed letter
    Trying to encourage her. With the information I have via News coverage, she is eligible for parole in fifteen years. That is quite a while, but you get to still visit her alive. There is hope for your family. I want to help prepare her for the parole board. I advised her to attend church service if available. I have a daughter who is also nineteen who did self harm. I take mood medication, (Zoloft) so does my daughter. I so badly want Mackenzie to smile again.

  2. I realize that two lives were taken. I realize there are consequences for our actions. However, Mackenzie should be given a second chance. I would like her to partake in any training necessary to show the Parole board a changed woman, no longer a girl. I’m very passionate about this!
    I want to assist in making her stay as comfortable as possible.

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